An accomplished singer, guitarist, artist, vegan and environmentalist, Pavitt enjoys combining his passions wherever possible.

Starting out in Garage bands (Dez and the Dezzerers, Otto Log) on the North Coast of N.S.W, Australia, a strong desire to head to the big city emerged. Pavitt headed for the vibrant art and music secene of Melbourne. Arriving with two guitars, a beanie and a poncho, Pavitt hit the streets four nights a week busking with his original compositions. Moving from the streets into coffee houses, pubs and clubs, he has developed a style that infuses sounds of folk, funk, blues and rock to deliver emotional and often political messages. Composing and performing with several Melbourne-based bands (Common Threads, The Deconsumers, Lovely Beast) has been a long running passion for Pavitt.


2009 saw Pavitt release and tour his debut album 'Seasons Will Pass'. Pavitt's band Lovely Beast released their debut album online in 2014 and the same year saw Pavitt take on a mini solo tour of Germany. June 2015 Pavitt toured Southern Germany again, with his second solo album 'All The Time' racking up close to 20 concerts. With a new solo album 'If You Had A Clue' and a 20 date German Solo Tour in December 2016 and Jan 2017. Now album four Empty -Full is set for launch June 15th 2018. A summer tour of Germany is set for June 20th-Aug 4th 2018.


Pavitt has worked with across two studios to acheive a new and eclectic album Empty-Full. Glenn Newman a do it yourself home recording demolitionist at Noon Studio has some great 70's analogue tones and put in countless hours bringing the vision of Empty-Full to fruition. While Steve Vella's Dog and Bear Studio captured the first guitar strums ever so crisply.


Music is not all there is to Pavitt, as over the past 15 years he has been a resident painter for The Red Paintings. He describes them as “an amazing sci-fi art rock band”. So what does painting have to do with their gigs?


“One day we had a crazy idea that I should try painting onstage to get over an artist’s block” explains Pavitt. “I listened to the music and tried to express the experience in colour and movement. The show and painting were a success and more and more shows followed. The Red Paintings now tour the world and incorporate live painting, human canvases, projections, theatrics and more. Pavitt is proud to say that he was the first ever painter to join them onstage. Two exciting shows in Berlin are booked for a live painting experience on Pavitt's Empty-Full 2018 German Tour.


Pavitt has also managed to integrate music into his daily life. As well as regular solo and band gigs, he works in areas as diverse as children’s entertainment as a pirate Character Captain Adam The Friendly Pirate, to running multiple music groups for adults with disabilities. Along with running Drama and Music Appreciation sessions for people in Aged Care. Creativity is a huge passion for Pavitt and his drive to create new musical experiences comes from his appreciation of the great diversity of people and their capacity to each enjoy music differently. 


“It’s amazing what music can do for all people. Kids are so engaged by song and for people with disabilities, it seems to free up some of their perceived limitations, almost like opening up a different part of the brain, which allows them to do things they could never normally do. “I have seen people who can barely move due to an aquired brain injury, get up, dance and walk like an Egyptian independently during some of my sessions. I am really happy to be taking my guitar to work every day and sharing my music with people. To see people light up with a smile or connect with emotional or political content in songs is amazing. Even when you are busking and people are rushing, they still walk in perfect time with the music. That's why music is truely magic and an important pursuit”. 

Adam Pavitt 2018


If you’re looking for smooth tunes with a conscience, check out Adam Pavitt’s eclectic mix of funk, folk and blues.  


Der Australische Sänger und Songwriter Adam Pavitt ist wieder in Deutschland. Zum dritten Mal möchte er sein Publikum mit seinen selbstkomponierten Songs, ausdrucksvoller Stimme und seiner interessanten Mischung aus Funk, Folk und Blues begeistern. Im Jahr 2014 präsentierte Adam Pavitt in Biberach/Riss sein erstes Debütalbum „Seasons Will Pass”, und 2015 brachte er sein zweites Album „All The Time“ nach Deutschland. Dieses Jahr stellt er sein drittes Album vor.

Die Melodien und das komplexes Gitarrenspiel entführen das Publikum in die Weiten Australiens, seine Liedtexte erzählen dagegen von der brutalen Wirklichkeit der Welt.

Adam Pavitt’s Musik zeugt von stilistischer Vielseitigkeit, Kreativität, und nicht zuletzt enormen Talent. Das Gitarrenspiel hat er sich als 10 Jähriger Junge, der in einem kleinem Ort an der Ostküste Australiens aufgewachsen ist, selbst beigebracht. Die Gitarre und das Surfbrett waren und sind heute noch sein Leben.

Sein künstlerisches Talent dagegen beweist Adam Pavitt nicht nur in seiner Musik, sondern auch als Maler. Abstrakte Kunst ist seine Leidenschaft; und der Drang Kunst und Musik zu verbinden zeigt sich besonders bei seinen Auftritten als „Stagepainter“ bei den Konzerten der australischen Art-Rock-Alternative Band „The Red Paintings“. Dort kreiert Adam Pavitt mit anderen Künstlern live on stage wagemutige, von der Musik inspirierte Kunstwerke.

„Music is my Life...“, sagt Adam Pavitt. „...and if I cant take my Guitar to work, I won’t take the job.“ Musik ist in der Tat sein Leben, denn wenn er nicht gerade auf Gigs spielt, komponiert oder auf der Bühne malt, arbeitet er als Musiktherapeut für Behinderte Menschen und als Musikentertainer für Kinder. All diese Interessen und Seiten des Künstlers spiegeln sich in seinen Liedern wieder.

Adam Pavitt ist unbestritten ein eindrucksvoller Sänger und versierter Gitarrist, doch wie man sieht ist er noch viel mehr.
Seine Live Shows sind Musikauftritt und großartige Unterhaltung mit viel Humor: „Man fühlt sich fast so, als ob man in Melbourne in einer netten Bar im In-Viertel Fitzroy sitzt und gute australische Musik mit einem Pint Bier genießt.“